Viva Zapata

We are in front of a completely new situation. Out of despair has come hope … The student movement’s main demand continues to be the democratization of the media. But if we really had a democratized media in Mexico, that would be incredible. If you democratized the media anywhere, that would be incredible! There is of course a certain amount of naïveté to think that the Mexican media – which is completely under the control of the worst kind of neoliberalism and of the mafia and the drug cartels – is suddenly going to become democratic; it’s just not going to happen. Nor did it happen in the US or Britain or any other so called democracy. The media is not free or neutral in any country in the world, especially not during elections. It’s a naïve demand, but in some ways it has opened up the whole election by exposing the dependence of the political class on mass media manipulation. If there is to be a reform of the media in Mexico, it will have to come from below. This movement will go on after the July 1st presidential campaign. That’s evident …

—Patrick Cuninghame, activist and Professor at the Metropolitan Autonomous University


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